27 December 2014

Of Fields and Fences - Sealy Lake, Montana

"...Darling, the snow that sweeps the field
And swathes the garden fence
Will soon fall prey to the exchange
Of gold where gray clouds rearrange
The hills that waft above earth’s plains
And the attire of season-strains...." 
 - from Janet Martin's poem "Of Fields and Foolishness

Click here to linger amidst Janet's entire thoughtful poem.

26 December 2014

Happy Boxing Day - Missoula, Montana

Happy Boxing Day

I’m very excited to have this day off work, so am sending you my very favourite box bursting with summer sunshine. 


Remember happy summer days. 


24 December 2014

23 December 2014

Winter Depot - Livingston, Montana

"Waiting for the train to come
I keep a'waiting for the train to come
Dreamin' of the river and the rising sun
I keep thinkin' 'bout the world to come..."

- from "The River Unbroken" written by  David Hurst Batteau & Darrell R. Brown

Click the following text links to listen to versions by Dolly Parton & Russ Taff .

22 December 2014

Weather the Storm - Missoula, Montana

The Atlantic Hotel building has been an active locale in Missoula’s downtown business district since its construction in 1902. Designed by famed Missoula architect, A. J. Gibson, the ground floor originally housed a barber shop, saloon, and restaurant. Back in the day, a basic room on the upper floors would set you back seventy-five cents. Today, Circle Square 2nd Hand promises to buy anything - and they sell most everything, too.

21 December 2014

Cool Cat - Missoula, Montana

"Whether they be the musician cats in my band or the real cats of the world, they all got style." – Ray Charles

(A special thanks to Maestro for tolerating me in his space, and to his people for sharing his coolness.)