08 September 2012

Just Plummy, Missoula, Montana

Short wake-up walks before work take me down back alleys in our neighborhood.  This time of year, there's still enough light to enjoy the colours - love these purple plums! - showing in end-of-summer gardens.

07 September 2012

Bee the Flower, Corvallis, Montana

"Bees make honey and it sure tastes good. / Did you ever smell a flower? Well, it sure smells good! / And you'd be good if you could see / how good being good can be..."
Funny how childhood songs can stick in your memory, crystal-clear after 30+ years!

06 September 2012

Spotted Knapweed Flower, Corvallis, Montana

Before 1920, spotted knapweed was unheard of in Montana. Within 80 years, it had infested every county in the State. Certain goats thrive on it, and bees make some zingy honey from the flowers, but you probably don't want to add these asides to any conversation with a commited Montana rancher.

05 September 2012

Tiny White Flower, Four Stages, Corvallis, Montana

Apparently, the deer and wild turkeys lounging one lot over were not impressed with my stealth level, because they took off before I could snap a wildlife picture. But all was not lost - on the way back across the field, I noticed these Lilliputian white flowers, smaller than your pinky fingernail.

03 September 2012

Is This Where the Chickens Come In?, Missoula, Montana

When Sean Kochel looks at an old barn, he probably sees his next custom guitar. Click here to Sean & his guitars in action. Or, if you're in Missoula, Montana, on a weekend before the end of October, stop at his booth at the Missoula Saturday Market.

02 September 2012

Luthier Love, Missoula, Montana

Montana has many fine luthiers, building all manner of custom stringed instruments. In quest of having an electric pickup installed in a custom acoustic guitar, my husband & I were invited into the inner sanctum of a renowned Missoula luthier. As you can see, the in-process guitars are incredibly beautiful. I was captivated by the form and line, by the grain of the different woods used.