20 March 2018

Spring Marches In - East Missoula, Montana

"Tossing his mane of snows in wildest eddies and tangles,
Lion-like March cometh in, hoarse, with tempestuous breath...."

- from Earliest Spring by William Dean Howell (1837-1920) 

Read the full text here to immerse yourself in an early spring storm - and a bit of introspection!

15 March 2018

Tempting Sunbeams - Missoula, Montana

Most people would like to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch.”  Robert Orben

(I'm lately tempted by glimmers of sunshine glimpsed through the sliver of window near my workspace - or backlighting miniature, mossy worlds, as pictured here. 
Definitely want this temptation to stay in touch.)

10 March 2018

Songs Of Ascent - St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula, Montana

Words to lift the heart, writ large on the stairwell landing walls at St. Patrick's hospital, here in Missoula, Montana, where I spent a bit of waiting time earlier this week whilst The Best Husband Ever was in for outpatient surgery.  
Astonishing how these well-placed thoughts transformed not only the climb up an otherwise pallid, utilitarian stairwell, but also the rest of my interactions that day. A very literal example that kind words can make all the difference. (Plus they made a slight impact on my, er, bottom line, as I continued up a few extra flights just to see what was around the next bend.)

(By the way, all went well & TBHE is doing great - thanks for asking! After all the repairs he's undergone the past several years, I could market him as The New & Improved Best Husband Ever!)

28 February 2018

Waiting Winter Dock - Polson, Montana

“If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.” 

(Unless he lived in snowy climes....but let's stick with the bigger idea & imagine a sunny and romantic southern port!)

27 February 2018

Passing View - Near Lakeside, Montana

“Outside the window, there slides past that unimaginable and deserted vastness where night is coming on… across, it would seem, half a continent, where live only bears and shooting stars and the wolves who lap congealing ice from water that holds within it the entire sky
All white with snow as if under dustsheets, as if laid away eternally as soon as brought back from the shop, never to be used or touched.“

― from Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter