07 March 2021

Winter Fenceline Shadows - Missoula, Montana

“He closed the missal, looked out the window at what was left of the day. Not too far back, it was the shortest day of the year. He was some farther north here, the shadows seemed longer, the blue in them colder.”

-from Coyote Wind, A Gabriel Du Pré Mystery by Peter Bowen (1945-2020)page 135

01 March 2021

Neighbourly Encouragement- East Missoula, Montana

Spotted this neighbourly advice during a pre-church ramble out in East Missoula, Montana. An inspiring example of imagination finding limitless ways to express kindness! (And we’ll just float free of the light/moth analogy before any frying occurs...)

23 February 2021

Looking Forward - Grant Creek, Missoula, Montana

"The water you touch in a river
 is the last of that which has passed,
 and the first of that which is coming;
 thus it is with time."
- Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

22 February 2021

Tree Shadows and Winter Ornamentation - Grant Creek, Missoula, Montana

Indeed the river is a perpetual gala,
 and boasts each month a new ornament.“  -Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)Nature

(Many thanks to the folks at the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System  for repurposing and corralling  a broadly inspiring selection of quotes ...and more!)

19 February 2021

Winter Stream Song, Softly - Grant Creek, Missoula, Montana

The stream sings a subdued music, a scarcely audible lilt, faint and fluid syllables not quite said....” John DanielOregon Rivers

17 February 2021

Ice Sparkle - Grant Creek, Missoula, Montana

One rare sunny day during our latest bitter cold spell, I bravely bundled for a lunch walk and was rewarded with literal sparkling views along Grant Creek, which intersects the industrial neighborhood behind our offices. 
The crystalline intricacy is somewhat few posts will be of broader shore views, so y'all come back now, y'hear?