26 August 2016

Post-Op Gig 1 - Missoula, Montana

Not bad for exactly a week after shoulder surgery! (3 incisions plus laparoscopic tools.) Even musicians in Montana are a tougher breed.

On Monday morning, The Best Husband Ever had his first physical therapy appointment. He informed Physical Therapist #1, "I have gigs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, that were all booked way before this surgery. And I have band practices Wednesday and Saturday. People are counting on me." 

PT#1 said, "You frighten me a little."

On Wednesday morning, Physical Therapist #2 had no comment.

I have to say, TBHE brings whole new meaning to the phrase, "Rock on!"
Tonight is Post-Op Gig 2 - if you're in town, stop by the Sunrise Saloon for a do-si-do and say hello!

25 August 2016

Leafy Greens - Missoula, Montana

"No white nor red was ever seen 
So am’rous as this lovely green....
Annihilating all that’s made 
To a green thought in a green shade..."

24 August 2016

Market Melon - Missoula, Montana, Via Dixon, Montana

'Tis the Montana melon season once again! 
For dibs on the best watermelon - or any of several other unique melon varieties - you've ever tasted, plan to be in line early at the Dixon Melon truck at a Farmer's Market near you. 
(Or near me, anyway. Which just means you need to come to visit.)

23 August 2016

Brush Up - Missoula, Montana

"When I say artist I mean the man who is building things - creating, molding the earth - whether it be the plains of the west - or the iron ore of Penn. It's all a big game of construction - some with a brush - some with a shovel - some choose a pen."

- Jackson Pollock (1912-1956)

22 August 2016

Gears And Pulleys - Missoula, Montana

"You should always know when you're shifting gears in life. You should leave your era; it should never leave you."

- Leontyne Price (b. 1927)

20 August 2016

Coneflower Circle Poem - Missoula, Montana

"There are poems hidden in the limbs of the willow
Lines of rhyme flowing from the music of the wren
Sonnets sitting like angels atop clouds resting on hilltops
Waiting to instill those with pen and ink to script lyrics to enlighten
There are triolets among the petals of coneflowers, pink, red and yellow..."

19 August 2016

After The Storm - Missoula, Montana

"...And now a freshening breeze stirs the leaves on the cottonwood trees,
As tumbleweeds start rollin' up against the fence.

Then the wind blows in a chill, and I catch a whiff of chlorophyll.
That storm must have dropped a streak of hail.
As the front draws closer still, lightning strikes just past the hill,
Hank crowds my leg, tryin' to hide his tail..."

18 August 2016

793F Haul Truck: Action Shot - Montana Resources, Butte, Montana

"The tendency of philosophers who know nothing of machinery is to talk of man as a mere mechanism, intending by this to imply that he is without purpose. This shows a lack of understanding of machines as well as of man."