12 January 2013

I-90 Drive, Drummond, Montana

John Denver and EmmyLou Harris recorded a song that pops into my head when I see a sky like this. The lyrics include "Oh, Montana, give this child a home....give him a fire in his heart... a light in his eyes...the wild wind for a brother, and the wiiild Montana sky." At least, that's the way I remember it.

11 January 2013

Perspective Switch, Missoula, Montana

As I typed the title of today's post, thoughts began to swirl: convergence, change, New Year perspectives, switching to a new track, derailing old habits - you see where this could go, I'm sure. But, lucky for you, my lunch hour is drawing to a close too swiftly for any cohesive confluence of thought to make it to this page, so you'll have to apply the above dribble of pump-primer to your own brain.

10 January 2013

Winter Tulip, Missoula, Montana

Occasionally, I pause to ponder how amazing are the conveniences and technologies that we take for granted. Today I considered it pretty astonishing that I can enjoy the hopeful bloom of fresh flowers while a winter storm rages outside. I mean, from how far away did this tulip travel to arrive - still fresh - on this blustery day? When you stop and think on it, we've grown up with and consider commonplace what would have been looked on as marvels 70,50, or even 20 years ago. So, for this harbinger of spring, I am thankful.

09 January 2013

Woodsy Walk, Missoula, Montana

Moving from rural Alberta to rural Montana, I expected things would be much the same. But I learned that Montana is unique from its neighbors in many ways. Language is a prime example. Looking at the above scene, a Montanan doesn't see trees marching up and over into a gully, but into a draw. Example: "Shhh! The biggest muley in the county just walked down into that draw!" For more Montana vernacular, click here to browse Todd Klassy's list, then be sure to view the stunning photos in his site.

08 January 2013

Crossing Guard, Missoula, Montana

Given that the few places I've lived have all featured immediate and unfettered access to nature, it takes some mental gymnastics to imagine daily views of only adjacent buildings and a smoggy sky. A half day's drive in Montana illustrates that, in many ways, the west is still wild. Thankfully, what we've come to view as necessities - indoor plumbing, decent roads, cell phone service - are available in the midst of some of the planet's most amazing scenery and friendly people. But it's nice to know that if you head off on a canyon hike, you won't be able to answer your phone until you're able to say, "I'm looking across a mountain range into the next state - can I call you later?"

07 January 2013

Winter Deadfall, Missoula, Montana

If a tree fell in the forest but no one was around to hear it fall, would future firewood foragers even consider this?
'Tis the season for skating and sledding parties, with bonfires and cocoa. But if your calendar is bare of such events, think cozy thoughts and enjoy a good book. Or go to a hockey game. Pretty much the same, natch!