08 January 2013

Crossing Guard, Missoula, Montana

Given that the few places I've lived have all featured immediate and unfettered access to nature, it takes some mental gymnastics to imagine daily views of only adjacent buildings and a smoggy sky. A half day's drive in Montana illustrates that, in many ways, the west is still wild. Thankfully, what we've come to view as necessities - indoor plumbing, decent roads, cell phone service - are available in the midst of some of the planet's most amazing scenery and friendly people. But it's nice to know that if you head off on a canyon hike, you won't be able to answer your phone until you're able to say, "I'm looking across a mountain range into the next state - can I call you later?"


  1. Montana sure does look like a wonderful place - you are lucky. Not sure if it was actually filmed there, but thought about your pictures while watching one of my favorite movies last night - "A River Runs Through It".

  2. Interestingly, the story setting is the Clark Fork River,in Missoula, Montana's, backyard, but the filming was done in several locations further east, including Bozeman, Great Falls, and upper Yellowstone, Gallatin, & Boulder rivers.


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