07 January 2013

Winter Deadfall, Missoula, Montana

If a tree fell in the forest but no one was around to hear it fall, would future firewood foragers even consider this?
'Tis the season for skating and sledding parties, with bonfires and cocoa. But if your calendar is bare of such events, think cozy thoughts and enjoy a good book. Or go to a hockey game. Pretty much the same, natch!


  1. the season of skating, hot punch (the drink) and cozy thoughts indeed. :) thumbs up for the image.. "I fall... therefore I am." :)

    1. That last bit sounds like the beginnings of a relevant theological discussion :-)

    2. hmm .. didn't mean though, but at the first sight it look so indeed. However, I was talking from the perspective of the tree (related to the question you've posted "If a tree fell..."). :)

  2. I like the summation of "therefore I am." Have been thinking a lot lately on being, which is typically linked with being something - being a success, being more fit, being like everyone else - it's often exhausting, and causes us to forget to enjoy the simplicity of simply being.


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