03 March 2012

02 March 2012

Homestead Ghosts, Corvallis, Montana

On our weekly walks, my sister & I sometimes take the worn track up through sparse adolescent pine trees and arrive at a high pasture and this well-weathered shed. A long time back, someone was extremely industrious - picking rocks to clear the field, building fence around the hilltop view. They prob’ly never thought of a day when their efforts would become mainly picturesque.

01 March 2012

Winter Golf Range, Missoula, Montana

When I was a kid, living in the rolling grasslands of Alberta's Lakeland County, I had a friend whose dad played golf in the winter, with purple golf balls.
I was amazed to know anybody who played golf - it seemed such a foreign culture to a Canadian kid. I mean, why would you golf in winter when there's hockey & ice skating?

29 February 2012

Return Trip View, Bitterroot River, Hamilton, Montana

If you compare this to yesterday’s photo, you’ll see the willows at the end of this view are the same batch as at the beginning of yesterday’s path.