18 February 2012

17 February 2012

Still Feeling the Love, Hamilton, Montana

I’m still enjoying my Valentine roses (pink is for beauty or happiness, I've been told - well, that & they were out of red, but what do I care?), & a mushy card written with love, love, love. Every day I think a thankful, “Pinch me…I never thought I could be so blessed…” .

16 February 2012

Yellow Wildflowers, Hieronymous Park, Hamilton, Montana

On the radio the other morning, they were saying that Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge near Stevensville, Montana, has yellow buttercups already coming up, due to our mild winter thus far. I thought of the yellow wildflowers shown here, even though I know they aren't buttercups.

15 February 2012

Meadow Path, East Missoula, Montana

Winter rambles reveal another lovely side of Montana.
However, it's always important to be aware of where you are & any possible dangers.  Wolves are a hot topic in Montana lately, so I was interested to hear a first-person story from a co-worker. Just after 7:30 this morning, she saw a huge black wolf - with a big, bushy tail -  loping through a west-side pasture only 5 or 4 miles off U.S. Highway 93. This was while driving through an area where homes sit on 5-20+ acre parcels, so it's not exactly off the beaten path. Even a walk down the driveway could involve a close encounter with wildlife, & I'm not just talking squirrels & pheasants. 

14 February 2012

Valentine's Motorcycle Connection, Butte, Montana

Hmmmm... connecting this photo with Valentine's Day....Butte, Montana, LOOOVES Evel Knievel, who LOVED motorcycles, & this one features a skull, which is a symbol of the greatest love ever shown.
(How's that? Not bad, if I say so myself.)

12 February 2012

Architectural Details, Butte, Montana

Butte, Montana - or Butte, America, as it's more fondly known - boasts a wealth of splendid old buildings, spawned during the mining boom of the early 1900s. Walking around Butte, I could easily get a crick in my neck from constantly looking up to not miss any of the intricate architectural details.