09 September 2017

Bitterroot Valley Haze - Hamilton, Montana

Trees on the opposite bank of the Bitterroot River are gauzy with wildfire smoke drifting down from nearby fires. 
A bit of a breeze allows for better air quality along the water, so it was nice to get outside for a bit of a ramble.

07 September 2017

Out To Pasture Afternoon - Near Philipsburg, Montana

"...September's door is wide open  
September's floor is petal-strewn
September's window is unframed
September is time's afternoon..."

- Janet Martin, from September's Living-room

Not quite "petal-strewn" in this view (however, being a horse corral, definitely strewn with something ELSE...), but the other lines worked so well for this picture that I insist you indulge me.

Get in full September swing with a read of the full poem here at Janet's blog site, Another Porch...A Poetry Blog.

05 September 2017

Analogous Colour Scheme - Missoula, Montana

While it makes for Marlboro-like breathing, the smoky haze we're living in seems to act as a very flattering filter, creating added vibrancy in the analogous colours of this little beetle and daisy.

(And as the day's humour bonus, enjoy your imagination's view of my wee spate of shrieking and flailing provoked by said beetle flying up unexpectedly while I was snapping away. Possibly, I was crowding its space.)