06 October 2012

Hollyhock Open Season, Missoula, Montana

Water cooler chit chat in Montana these days often has to do with hunting, as bow season is open. Sometimes, unexpected bonuses come from these conversations -  my work-share buddy & I are now on the jerky list of a hunting co-worker! (If you've never had really good home made jerky, you must expand your circle of friends.)
Bear with me & the hollyhocks through tomorrow - there's just one more in this week's series.

05 October 2012

Mystery Solved, Missoula, Montana

Ta-da! In the zoom out from yesterday's close-up, it's clearly a humble hollyhock, a staple of cottage gardens nationwide. (But I still like the small alien angle. Or it could be imspiration for a embellishment on a crochet cap or knitted bag.)

04 October 2012

Mysterious, Missoula, Montana

Hmmm.... is it a delectable deep river creature in a borrowed shell, lit by phosphorescence within?
Or perhaps a small alien venturing forth on our planet? 
Please comment with your most imaginative guess!
(Note: Comment as "Anonymous" if you don't want to use one of the drop-down options.)

03 October 2012

Well-Travelled II, Corvallis, Montana

Last winter, my husband received a new custom acoustic guitar and case - a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's, Happy Birthday gift that keeps on giving, courtesy of the talented hands of Kent Curtiss dba Big Sky Guitars. When summer busking season came around, I was privileged to play the new guitar, but couldn't bring myself to drag the shiny new case onto the downtown sidewalk of the Missoula, Montana, Farmer's Market . While I admit this case pictured (courtesy of Freebo) has character and a certain bohemian style, I think we'll stick with shiny and new for a couple more years before beginning any customization.

02 October 2012

Bee Feast, Missoula, Montana

It's become something of a personal challenge to capture busy bees in a clear image on varied flowers. This task provokes me to be still and focus, which always reaps a feeling of deep satisfaction just from the doing. And sometimes I even come away with a dandy little shot. (I particularly like how the blue hues of Russian sage set off to fine advantage the bee's golden stripes.)

01 October 2012

Autumn Sumac, Corvallis, Montana

'Tis the season for autumn leaves to be turning.  This lovely sumac graces the side yard at Yellow Sea Horse Studio in Corvallis, Montana.

30 September 2012

Bitterroot River Autumn Haze, Woodside, Montana

Supposedly, this week will bring rain to Montana, or even snow, to damp down the smoke that's hung over the Bitterroot mountains for the past couple months.