24 June 2017

Nice Day - Stevensville, Montana

"Nice day
for a
white wedding."

Driving up to the intersection above Tucker Crossing fishing access, the sky opened wide as I topped the rise, crisscrossing jet trails hinting at new adventures about to begin. Another glorious day awaits under the big Montana sky!

(Note: I was not actually fishing at the fishing access - this is not required. Good thing for me. But the "access" aspect is also useful for finding photo perspectives along the river.)

21 June 2017

Summer Clouds In Motion - Missoula, Montana

"But maybe Leo felt the same shakiness 
when he made it back to Sandusky...And my father, too,
 when he brought me to the Galaxy that first time,
 to show me how to be humble about what we love.

The point is not that you get away from fear, but that 
you move along with it.
 You don't let it freeze you in place."

20 June 2017

Townie Poppies Blooming - Missoula, Montana

"I remember taking my stabilisers off my bike with my dad in the back garden. It was a small little bike, and it was called Poppy, had balloons on it, and was purple."