10 October 2015

Natural History - Livingston, Montana

"While my interest in natural history has added very little to my sum of achievement, it has added immeasurably to my sum of enjoyment in life." - Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

09 October 2015

Evening Window Browse - Missoula, Montana

"My wife loves window shopping. As for me, I’m more into curtains.” - Jarod KintzWho Moved My Choose?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change by Deciding to Let Indecision Into Your Life

Jarod Kintz cracks me up. No matter what quote topic you search, he typically has something to say about it. Sometimes a bit crass, tongue-in-cheek and off-the-wall, and almost always earns a guffaw, at least from me. I am delighted to finally have found a Jarod Kintz quote that is just right for a photo post. Click on his hyper-linked name (above) to read his blog posts, and here to read his bio, which is awash with good-humoured persistence (did I just hear an ice cream truck?) .

08 October 2015

A Question of Sunshine - Livingston, Montana

"The sun shines and warms and lights us and we have no curiosity to know why this is so; but we ask the reason of all evil, of pain, and hunger, and mosquitoes and silly people."  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

07 October 2015

Lamplight Shadows - Missoula, Montana

"Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby." ~Ruth E. Renkel

(Note: If anyone has info on who is Ruth E. Renkel, I'd love to hear it - she is a rather elusive character who Is credited with some well-spoken words. But it drives me a little crazy to be stymied in finding out more about her!)

06 October 2015

Last On The Summer Vine - Livingston, Montana

On a recent jaunt to Livingston, Montana, Big Sister #2 happened to be on weekend farm chore rotation at Montessori Island School, where she works. (Clarification: It is not on an island, but it does have a smattering of farm critters.) Thus, after Sunday morning church, we zipped across town to tend to the needs of the sheep (singular), goat, chickens, and varied vigorous vegetables. Actually, 'we' didn't tend to anything - I watched and took pictures while Sis did all the work. It was rather fascinating to see this former city girl in her element in a wee farmyard. Amazing what happens to people when they fall in love and move to live under the Big Sky. I've heard tell that even a short visit can forever change your views.

04 October 2015

Lonely Plains Fenced - Livingston, Montana

"Nowhere, not even at sea, does a man feel more lonely than when riding over the far-reaching, seemingly never-ending plains; and after a man has lived a little while on or near them, their very vastness and loneliness and their melancholy monotony have a strong fascination for him." - Theodore Roosevelt