06 October 2015

Last On The Summer Vine - Livingston, Montana

On a recent jaunt to Livingston, Montana, Big Sister #2 happened to be on weekend farm chore rotation at Montessori Island School, where she works. (Clarification: It is not on an island, but it does have a smattering of farm critters.) Thus, after Sunday morning church, we zipped across town to tend to the needs of the sheep (singular), goat, chickens, and varied vigorous vegetables. Actually, 'we' didn't tend to anything - I watched and took pictures while Sis did all the work. It was rather fascinating to see this former city girl in her element in a wee farmyard. Amazing what happens to people when they fall in love and move to live under the Big Sky. I've heard tell that even a short visit can forever change your views.


  1. This shot is amazing. Captures the magic of the little farm.

  2. It is a darling wee farm!
    And if you look past the tomatoes, I believe a segment of the bossy goat is even represented.


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