11 August 2012

Cross Purposes, Ulm, Montana

In Montana, the ground often varies intimately between soil and solid rock, so fencelines may shift from a vertical post to two x-crossed posts supporting the wire. Seeing these fences stretch for miles across Montana's rolling rangeland reminds me of the adaptable spirit so characteristic of people who love this landscape.

10 August 2012

Can't Drive 55, Hamilton, Montana

It's always enlightening to walk through a car show with my husband, the possessor of handy mechanical skills. He browses patiently while I take alternative angle shots. At the the Daly Days show, as we walked around an older classic, he commented, "I had a '57 Chevy in perfect condition - i just needed to do some engine work - and my mom sold it when I was on a band tour."

09 August 2012

Grill Lines, Hamilton, Montana

In this week's travels around Alberta, Canada, I noticed signs along our route for hot rod meets. These sparked me to review more pics from the car show during Daly Days in Hamilton, Montana. It's funny how much I enjoy the classic curves and smooth lines, because I don't know diddly about cars.

08 August 2012

Fence In the Storm, Stevensville, Montana

Summer storms are among my favourite nature things - bring on the wind-whipped clouds, sheet lightning, thunder within the five-count. Sadly, our recent storms have not brought as much rain as I'd hoped, meaning I still have to water my lawn. (Sigh. Poor me. I'm sure one of my sisters is playing "My Heart Bleeds For You" on the world's smallest violin.)

07 August 2012

Lilies Gild the Daly Mansion, Hamilton, Montana

The Daly Mansion is stunning in its own right, but the golden lilies gracing the flower borders this time of year enhance the architectural elegance. As I told my oldest brother this weekend, if you haven't visited the Mansion in several years, you are due for an updated treat. Continuing renovations have not only restored architectural features but also opened more rooms for viewing.

06 August 2012

05 August 2012

Thistle Blooms, Stevensville, Montana

Thistle flowers are beautiful, but should be approached with caution when wearing sandals.