16 October 2015

Prairie Sunset - North of Conrad, Montana

"The light, the genial air possess'd by them—colors till now unknown,
No limit, confine—not the Western sky alone—the high meridian—
        North, South, all,
Pure luminous color fighting the silent shadows to the last.
." - from A Prairie Sunset by Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

15 October 2015

Bear Creek Overlook - Victor, Montana

A big thanks to a hiking sis-in-law for sending this gorgeous view yesterday, from Bear Creek Overlook, near Victor, Montana. The continuing balmy weather makes for perfect afternoons to head out and appreciate the golden tamaracks ranged along the mountainsides. Just don't forget the bear spray.

14 October 2015

Layered Greens and Blues - Near St. Regis, Montana

"Most of the things that really matter require faith. 'How do I know that my wife loves me?' 'How do I know that Mozart's 'Jupiter Symphony' is sublime and beautiful?' There are all sorts of things which come at a more lowly level than that - 'How do I know that two plus two equals four?' There are different layers, different types of knowing." - N. T. Wright

13 October 2015

Leaf Spine - Missoula, Montana

leaf spine
sinuous as ridge trails I have walked
atop these near surrounding hills 
devolving to lesser gullies and deer trails
revealed amidst
the overwhelming gaze of 
this lingering autumn sun