27 July 2012

Nesting Instinct,Hamilton, Montana

The entire time we enjoyed our fresh raspberry pie in the Daly Mansion gazebo, this birdy stayed on its nest in the eaves, watching us with one eye. It didn't even flinch as I perched precariously on a plastic folding chair to gain a better angle. Anyone know what kind of bird it is, besides dedicated and patient?

26 July 2012

Benchwarming, Daly Mansion, Hamilton, Montana

An unnerving hard drive crash this week had me scrambling, and I missed posting the last two days. But I found a decent laptop and am back at it.
In the meantime, I squeezed in a delightful stroll with a friend on the Daly Mansion grounds. We also lingered in the Mansion's shady gazebo to enjoy the beautiful scenery & share a piece of fresh raspberry pie from the Coffee Cup in Hamilton, Montana.  - (Now why didn't I take a pic of that?! Oh, right, we were too enthralled with the tasting of it!) Should a waitress ever throw out a side comment that she waits all year for the fresh raspberry pie, I recommend you try a slice.It was all things ambrosial for a sunny summer day!

23 July 2012

22 July 2012

Green Wingnut, Missoula, Montana

Upon moving to Montana in grade seven, I was introduced to wingnuts as a form of entertainment on a long walk to school. The seeds fall in abundance from maple trees that stand sentry on the more picturesque streets of many Montana towns. You basically scoop them up and throw them up in the air, then watch, mesmerized, as they spiral down to the ground. Through impatient testing, I've learned you can fling green ones aloft all summer long, but won't delight in their twirling flight of descent until they're fully dry in autumn.