12 May 2012

Siamese Cat at Window - Mrowr!, Missoula, Montana

This Siamese cat was a tad annoyed that his people weren’t jumping up to let him in out of the rain, hence, "the look" seen here. I'm sure he was just fine in about five minutes; it's a true Montana maxim that if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, and it will change.

11 May 2012

NinePipes Reservoir, Ronan, Montana

Walking through the boggy grassland on the early leg of the Ninepipes Reservoir trail reminded me of childhood treks across the fields between our house and my grandparents’ farmland. We’d be sure to skirt sloughs like this one, keeping our feet dry so we could continue our grand adventure for the day.

10 May 2012

Lee Metcalf Refuge Wetlands, Stevensville, Montana

The wetlands just past the parking lot of the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge are filled with peace-inducing bird calls - provided you are not there at the same time the pre-school Sasquatch search party is filling the air with determined calls of, “Sasquatch! Heeeere, Sasquatch!” (True story!)

09 May 2012

Java Jive, Missoula, Montana

Some days, there isn’t a more beautiful sight than a good cup of java, do you jive?
Missoula boasts a large selection of quirky coffee shops to soothe your individual soul.

07 May 2012

Mount Sentinel Backside, Missoula, Montana

I hear tell there’s a steeper trail that can take you to and from the “M” on this side of Mount Sentinel - just in case the main trail didn't get you huffing and puffing enough.

06 May 2012

Branching Out to the Missoula “M” Hike, Missoula, Montana

The “M” on Mount Sentinel is a good spring hiking trail because there are no overhanging trees wherein ticks can hide to launch their attack on unsuspecting victims. Well, that, and the great exercise, and the spectacular views. (Not that I have a tick phobia or any such.)