18 July 2018

Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks - Missoula, Montana

The Best Husband Ever noticed this undaunted little ant on the bike trail - and promptly launched into a running commentary which he certainly thought to be amusing. 
(TBHE - not the ant.) 
Suffice it to say, topic range included plank-in-your-eye-Bible-verse corollaries and first-person (er....first-ant?) smart remarks. 
We shall not quote verbatim.

Fast forward to yesterday evening's perfect weather for ice cream. Walking out the door (literally!), I called our friend, Carrie, to say, "Hey, we can pick you up in 5 minutes to go for ice cream - our treat!"  My announcement that we were at her back door cut off her explanation of why she looked like s**t - and off we went to Sweet Peaks!

Long story short, amidst the sublime throes of Strawberry Fields (single scoop on a cake cone), she noted how glad she was that she joined our impromptu outing even though she looked like s**t, and quipped, "I was not prepared, but I'm ready."

Aaaand after my immediate comment of "That line makes me almost wish I was on Twitter!",  thence commenced a slightly prolonged and semi-deep conversation around isn't-that-really-just-a-great-rule-to-live-by. 

And I thought again of the little ant, seizing the unexpected and relatively ginormous pine needle find, and proceeding willy-nilly down the bike path to wherever he thought it was needed.

We can't all be Boy Scouts, be we can be ready to say yes to the unexpected - especially when there's ice cream.