22 December 2012

Greenough Park in Winter, Missoula, Montana

Our darling daughter found a Pinterest idea for a crafty Christmas present for her daddo, which required photos. She preferred a nature background, so off we went to Greenough Park - nature in the city's back yard. A hundred years ago, one of the park's great attractions was a bear cage - with a resident bear. Great things to see - and poke a stick at - on a Sunday afternoon stroll.

21 December 2012

Aging Flower Power, Missoula, Montana

Flower photos are typically taken at bloom’s peak, but different details of beauty are discovered if you take a later look.
As I get older, I notice and appreciate more the varied loveliness in people, and often find time has not ravaged but rather revealed. Laughter and sorrow impart warmth and graciousness that gently outshine smoother, less-travelled faces.
Youth can possess a fresh charm but is not the end-all definition of beauty.

20 December 2012

Winter Twilight Reflections, Bitterroot River, Montana

You'd never know to look at the river that US Hwy 93 S is directly left of this view, and busy with end-of-day traffic. Such is the delightful dichotomy of Montana - even in a city, the nearest peace-inducing vista is right out your window.