28 December 2017

Contagious Happiness - Missoula, Montana

An anonymous little happiness faerie has been leaving these tiny Happy Day cards on my desk.
They're just over 2" square (just under 6 cm for most of the measuring world), but certainly deliver a full-size dose of happy!
I gotta say, the "open here" aspect is like extra candy helpings for someone who loved - well, okay, still loves! - childhood pop-up books. 
And this week's behind-the-flap sentiment is too perfectly apt to keep to myself. (Almost as if the wee faerie knows me...!) 
So, savour a while with me the shared happiness and this lovely quote from Paulo Coelho.

27 December 2017

Christmas Cheer - Corvallis, Montana

So, the local nieces got delightfully (& frightfully, perhaps?! beware the clown...) creative at their annual Christmas cookie baking extravaganza. 
It appears that the nice guy gets cut in on even in cookie-dom lines. 
But I guess finishing last equates to a longer lifespan for gingerbread men...