17 December 2011

Who Are the Trees in Your Neighborhood?

There are some amazing old trees in my neighborhood.  The town of Hamilton was built pretty much at the behest of copper magnate Marcus Daly; thanks to early planning, visitors & residents can stroll in the shade on a hot summer day.

16 December 2011

Classic Country

Another old building with a story untold. Perhaps someone planted the weathered tree with hope set toward future summers when it would shade the doorstep from the evening sun.

15 December 2011

Deer's Eye View

This might be the perspective of a deer as it inclines its neck down to drink the clear water of the Bitterroot River, eyes alert, ears twitching to listen for anything amiss.

14 December 2011

Study in Battered Blue, Missoula MT

It just caught my eye as I was walking to get downtown, made me wonder what stories it had to tell, who insisted on a round sign & what was first advertised on it...

13 December 2011

Winter Reflections, Missoula MT

The warm morning light created these beautiful reflections, despite the freezing cold air.
I, cozy-loving creature that I am, was amazed at the number of dedicated folks out running in weather that hadn‘t yet warmed up to the balmy high of 22°F.

12 December 2011


Another micro-view along the Bitterroot River; this was not staged - the leaf fell there on its own. Other parts of the log was riddled with holes, possibly made by a woodpecker before the tree fell.

11 December 2011

Purple Tenacious Flower

On my rural meanderings, I was repeatedly amazed & delighted at the tenacity of various plants in the face of impending winter weather. It’s as if they have a pact to continue about the business of living until the very last minute is insisted upon.
(Watch, someone will point out that this humble wayside flower is actually the scourge of the State, knapweed, whose commitment to its own continuance is a legendary & scary lesson for us all.)