13 July 2020

Big Sky Bluebird House - Pattee Canyon Trail, Missoula, Montana

Bluebird nestboxes, to me, are a happy reminder of my lovely mum, who was a bit of a devotee in her later years (albeit, her enthusiasm extended a tad far with one or two boxes, er, "found" on backroad meanders with Papa...!). She certainly reaped the ensuing enjoyment of these brightly feathered friends as noted in this quote:
“...everyone's first nestbox is the opportunity to attract that first pair of bluebirds. Then, if they know what to do after the birds show up, a potential life-long relationship with nature can begin.”  - Kenny Kleinpeter, LBBS, 2007

(Note: That Big Sky blue sky is un-retouched by any photo editing! Daily amazement just outside the door - and a fabulous valley view, too!)

09 July 2020

Daisy Face - Missoula, Montana

(Always a smile at the delightful daisy-face example of Fibonacci numbers!)

“The night was so very still that one should have been able to hear the whisper of roses in blossom - the laughter of daisies - the piping of grasses….”  - L.M. Montgomery (1874-1942), in Anne of the Island

07 July 2020

Future Food - Hamilton, Montana

Wee world within a world! 
While not quite as small as Who-ville, the intricacy within this blossom (pepper or perhaps tomatillo?) was delightfully diverting during our wait on Fiesta en Jalisco's patio in Hamilton, Montana. (Plus we loved the owner's creativity in nestling veggie plants in the same planter as summer flowers.)

04 July 2020

Quiet Fourth of July - Butte, Montana

"Ladies and gentlemen: I little thought that when the boys woke me with their noise this morning that I should be called upon to add to their noise. But I promise not to keep you long. You have heard all there is to hear on the subject, the evidence is all in and all I have to do is to sum up the evidence and deliver the verdict. You have heard the Declaration of Independence with its majestic ending.... You have heard the history of the nation .... All I have to do is to add the verdict, which is all that can be added, and that is, 'It is a successful day.' " - Samuel L. Clemens (aka Mark Twain, 1835-1910), at 1886 celebration in Keokuk, Iowa 

02 July 2020

Roadside Morning Glory - Missoula, Montana

Such a world of wonder in the small faces of these wandering weed blooms, each no bigger than a 25-cent coin. 
It's like a miniature iris crossed with a petunia and flung profligately along the roadside!
Pause, bend low, gaze deeply…
(& here’s hoping the un-bending is not a tricky navigation!)