21 September 2020

Cookies On Fitbit - Missoula, Montana

 Hmmmm.... cookies or running?....such a difficult choice - - - NOT!

(Here's a tasty thought: Buy cookies from Mary the mountain mama, then hustle around the corner to Sweet Peaks for the most amazing ice cream and - voila! - best ever ice cream sandwiches, with a double scoop of mountain references, no less! That SHOULD dial up some extra Fitbit numbers...)

20 September 2020

Rain-washed View - Flathead Lake, Montana

Enjoying morning coffee and the rustic hospitality of the US Park Service. (Let’s hear it for car camping! Woot woot!) Yesterday brought much-needed rain to the region so, thankfully, the only smoke I smell today is via my cozy campfire.

18 September 2020

Diminished Visibility - Missoula, Montana

Visibility is down to 3 miles at the Missoula, Montana, airport, but I think it's even less as you head to the east side of town. Despite the unhealthy fug, we are thankful to not see flames on the mountains bordering town and continue to pray for communities with far greater fire-related concerns.


15 September 2020

Hazy Horizon - Bitterrroot Valley, Montana

Mountains fading into wildfire smoke...lately, we're just glad to see ANY mountains! But those masks are handy now for more than just social safety...