04 July 2015

Berry Hues - Missoula, Montana

Deep berry red and Montana blue sky - I'm just missing a flash of white cloud to complete the Independence Day colour trio.
Happy Fourth, and may we remember to be thankful for those who still guard our freedom.

03 July 2015

Shore Shadows - Superior, Montana

'Shore Shadows' - say that five times fast!
My sister's corgi had a grand ole time racing madly up and down the sandy stretches, in and out of the water, flustering the shorebirds into a chirrupping dither. 
Good times.

02 July 2015

Daisy Chain - Missoula, Montana

"Fresh smitten by the morning ray,
When thou art up, alert and gay,
Then, cheerful Flower, my spirits play
With kindred gladness..."
- from 'To The Daisy' by William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

01 July 2015

Mossy Rockness - Superior, Montana

Happy Canada Day!  
(Just a freebie - nothing to do with today's photo.)

In case yesterday's hammock deliciousness didn't paint you green as this river rock moss (or maybe it's river weed?), here's a post-hammock view that required my feet to be in the cool, clear water - and almost my phone for the camera angle! (Did I mention that western Montana is a great summer vacation destination?)

30 June 2015

The Living's Easy - Superior, Montana

With temps at 102 degrees F this past weekend (yes, a new record for Missoula in June), we were glad for the invite to a friend's place on the river near Superior, Montana. Dappled shade, a hammock, cool river water and a sandy beach nearby - perfect inspiration to be singing with Ella, "Summertime ...& the living's easy...". 

29 June 2015

Cadillac Chrome - Missoula, Montana

They really just don't make 'em like they used to... which makes me glad there are so many classics enthusiasts who share viewings of their beauties with the rest of us. 

28 June 2015

Hubcap Reflection - Missoula, Montana

Plenty of car show cool this weekend in Missoula's Caras Park at the Garden City River Rod Run. If you follow the hot rod meander with an ice cream stop, you've pretty much had a perfect lazy weekend day.