01 July 2015

Mossy Rockness - Superior, Montana

Happy Canada Day!  
(Just a freebie - nothing to do with today's photo.)

In case yesterday's hammock deliciousness didn't paint you green as this river rock moss (or maybe it's river weed?), here's a post-hammock view that required my feet to be in the cool, clear water - and almost my phone for the camera angle! (Did I mention that western Montana is a great summer vacation destination?)


  1. Thank-you:) yes, the green trend continues;-) great shot!!...last Canada Day we went to the beach! This year it is cool and rainy, but I don't mind. We have far too much to be thankful for to dare and complain about weather!

    1. Actually wish we had some of your rain! Dry, dry, dry here, with fire danger and restrictions very high, and the 4th of July firework maniacs are under additional constrains.

  2. that is definitely the downside! hope you get some soon!

    it is still cool here! I laughed a little while ago as I looked out the back door to see Victoria and her two cousin friends sitting in an empty inflated little pool they are dying to use...right now there are shrieks of delight because I hooked the hose to the laundry room tap and filled the pool with warm water:) Take THAT, cold sun;-)

    1. Way to make lemonade withy the lemons summer tosses your way!
      I had a great image of the girls siting hopefully in their little pool a la Charlie Brown and his little tyre pool!


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