12 August 2017

Roots - The Teller Trail, Corvallis, Montana

Roots exposed
the essence of life
holding firm 
when all else is washed away. 

-Pat R

Pat (aka Big Sis #3) journeys hither and yon, but always circles back to Montana. (Sadly, annual visits seem to coincide with forest fire season...but, as you can see, her eye for beauty connected to our inner life is undeterred by rampant smoke.) 

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06 August 2017

August Weather - Up Kootenai Creek Rd., Stevensville, Montana

"August is apt to bring us fine weather. The meadows are sultry, but there is a wind in the sky and the clouds are great and dignified as they march against the mountains."

-from "Courtship Of My Cousin Doone", ch. 3, by Walter D. Edmonds (1903-1998)