31 October 2013

Chapel a la Faberge, Helena, Montana

Stepping into this smaller side chapel of St. Helena's Cathedral, I immediately thought, “I’m inside a Faberge egg…”, albeit a very hushed and holy egg. 

And if I’d drunk some of Alice’s shrinking beverage, I would be scaled to about the right height to be in an egg. 

Much better than being inside a magical pumpkin, I would imagine.

30 October 2013

Side Street View, Helena, Montana

“We say nothing essential about the cathedral when we speak of its stones. We say nothing essential about Man when we seek to define him by the qualities of men.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery  (author of "The Little Prince")
(Hmmmm....chew on that last bit and please Comment with your deep thoughts.)

29 October 2013

28 October 2013

Looking Eastward, Missoula, Montana

With only a week left before the
daylight savings time rollback, I’ve been savouring the after-work sunshine while it lasts. Hiking the hill trails in Missoula’s north end gives a few more minutes of light, and golden views over the valley.

27 October 2013

Windy View, McDonald Pass, Helena, Montana

The wind was so strong at the top of McDonald Pass that I was still pushed about even leaning forward into it about 15-20 degrees. Good thing an admirable view was hard to miss and didn’t depend on me crafting the right angle.