21 September 2012

Griz Squirrel, Missoula, Montana

My brother and I spied this little guy during a stroll around the University of Montana campus, on our way to view a new impressionist art exhibit.  He was probably after yesterday's acorns.

I have a thing against squirrels, so posting this photo probably qualifies as a mild step in therapy. It's hard to get over animosity toward someone who breaks into your house while you're away for the weekend and trashes the place, and then doesn't even have the sobriety to leave before you get back. And the perp possessing a cute fluffy tail and big brown eyes doesn't incline me toward leniency. Now that I've rehashed that little incident, forget therapy - I still don't like squirrels.

20 September 2012

From Little Acorns..., Missoula, Montana

"From little acorns do mighty oaks grow." - philosophical proverb

Given that the University of Montana grounds are well-tended, I doubt these particular little acorns will have a chance to grow mighty like the tree from whence they fell. For a warm-fuzzy take on this proverb, click here to read what Peter Borner has to say.

19 September 2012

Go Griz, Missoula, Montana

This seven-foot tall grizzly bear statue graces the west end of the Oval at the University of Montana. Created by Rudy Autio in 1969, "Grizzly" is a stunning life-sized representation of the University's mascot, and a vibrant reminder of why you'd not want to meet the real creature in the woods.
Behind "Grizzly" are two other U of M icons, the University Hall clock tower and the giant "M" on Mount Sentinel.

18 September 2012

University Hall, U of M, Missoula, Montana

As a nod to homecoming week, I'll post glimpses of the University of Montana campus in Missoula, Montana.
University Hall was the first building on the grounds designed by architect A.J. Gibson.  I"ve heard it rumoured that forestry students climb the tower each October to festoon it with a large pumpkin (not to be confused with The Great Pumpkin).

17 September 2012

Of Cabbages and...Cabagges, Missoula, Montana

Driving to work over the past month, I've been watching the cabbages at Benson's Farm get progressively larger. If your family's culinary heritage does not include tasty, comforting fall cabbage dishes, as mine does, more's the pity! But all is not lost - the Internet can save you and broaden your cabbage view beyond coleslaw!
Ukrainian comfort food includes holubtsi (cabbage rolls), and if you are blessed with meticulous aunties, your family visits will include delicate versions smaller than your thumb.

16 September 2012

Pumpkin Dreaming, Missoula, Montana

Driving the surface streets to work each morning takes me past Benson's Farm, where the pumpkins are focused on getting ready for the October harvest.  On taking a closer look, I was surprised to see the stages of bloom & ripening fruit present at the same time (which my sister told me occurs in cocoa plants). Makes for a touching multi-generational photo.