21 June 2013

Hi Flyer, Missoula, Montana

Call it cliché, but it’s still true: they don’t make ‘em like they used to. At least it’s true about hood ornaments; the present-day variety are rarely as inspiring as on this seen-better-days 1953 Ford Victoria. Six decades ago, auto makers were apparently a little fixated on futuristic aircraft designs. View a quick image search for “1950s jet hood ornaments” and you’ll be inspired to watch at least one retro episode of the Jetsons!

20 June 2013

Crumpled Beauty, Missoula, Montana

Even thought it’s almost officially summer, spring-ish blooms are still popping out in the neighbourhood.

These delicate beauties bring to mind elaborate silk gowns from a bygone debutante era, morning light highlighting the crumpled raiment, carelessly discarded on the floor after returning home - exhilarated yet exhausted - in the wee hours. (Okay, maybe I should cut back on the Victorian romance reads, and “Upstairs, Downstairsreruns.)

19 June 2013

Pine Patterns, Missoula, Montana

Spring pine cones aren't mentioned much, despite their glorious lines and shapes and contrasts of colour. But here's a lovely and thoughtful poem about family patterns and pine cones by Australian author Jennifer Strauss, “Pine Cones and My Grandmother”.
"My sharp-tongued grandmother -
Delicate-skinned, fine-boned -
Taught to a timid child
Something of fortitude,
Not to flinch
At barbs on the wire fence.
'If the head gets through,
The rest,' she said
'Will follow.'..... (Click here to read it all - it's worth the extra click.)

18 June 2013

Streamside Miniature, Missoula, Montana

This curiousity that draws me toward tiny things oft times propels me into inelegant postures. My view is perfectly delightful, but I can't say the same for anyone who may happen along behind me. (Family pictures actually include this very perspective, captured on a family hike several years ago by my sister-in-law. Her delighted laughter was a worthy trade for any possible embarrassment on my part. Laughter is a family characteristic I’ve always appreciated. Basically, if it’s not plain mean, and you’ve ascertained there’s no serious injury involved, you’re free to enjoy the humorous side of a situation. As Ken Davis reminds anyone who'll listen, “Lighten up, and live!”

17 June 2013

Reaching, Missoula, Montana

Miniscule feelers reaching to catch whispers of the sun, the sky, the late-spring breeze wafting clouds away to far-flung heavens.

(They also remind me of floaty anemone fingers waving in a sea current.)

16 June 2013

Possibilities, Missoula, Montana

Summertime is full of outdoor possibilities in Missoula, without even counting the State Parks a short drive from town. Missoula boasts a collection of parks offering diverse activity features - riverside hiking paths, softball fields, a skate park, family picnic areas, a fishing pond… and the list goes on.