18 June 2013

Streamside Miniature, Missoula, Montana

This curiousity that draws me toward tiny things oft times propels me into inelegant postures. My view is perfectly delightful, but I can't say the same for anyone who may happen along behind me. (Family pictures actually include this very perspective, captured on a family hike several years ago by my sister-in-law. Her delighted laughter was a worthy trade for any possible embarrassment on my part. Laughter is a family characteristic I’ve always appreciated. Basically, if it’s not plain mean, and you’ve ascertained there’s no serious injury involved, you’re free to enjoy the humorous side of a situation. As Ken Davis reminds anyone who'll listen, “Lighten up, and live!”

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  1. Perfect Visual Vignette. A healthy (read positive) sense of humor is a life-saver.


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