14 September 2012

Going Up, Missoula, Montana

If you have time to loop around the downtown river walk in Missoula, Montana, you can get in two sets of stairs, which is a good thing to squeeze in!
Plus, if you take this route in the evening, you'll enjoy the soothing order of the linear shadows playing across the stairwell next to the Boone & Crockett Club.

13 September 2012

Knapweed Pre-Bloom, Corvallis, Montana

It's amazing what you see if you walk around looking at the ground! This tactic prevents stepping in varied unpleasantries, and also gives you front-row views of miniature works of art. Case in point: spotted knapweed buds. Before its heathery purple flowers bloom, you can observe these creations of intricate lines and feathery plumes. Reminds me of a pineapple fruit, or a Faberge egg.
What does it suggest to your mind?

12 September 2012

W is for Wilma, Missoula, MT

If Elmo were to visit Missoula, Montana, he might conclude that "W is for Wilma Theatre"!
The Wilma is a fully functioning historical downtown icon that sports retro signage and a tin ceiling in the front entry overhang.

11 September 2012

Red Clover Morning, Missoula, Montana

Morning wake-up rambles in Missoula, Montana, often take me down a nearby back alley with a water feature. Even with fall fast encroaching, the red clover is still showing its colours - more purple than red, in this case - as are the reflected sunrise clouds.

10 September 2012

X Marks the Spot, Missoula, Montana

Being a frontier type of town, Missoula, Montana, has a rich railroad history. The old restored train depot graces the top of downtown's main street, separating the business district from the active rail yard. If you cruise the drag on a weekend night, you'll inevitably loop around the red "Crossings" statue, created in 1986 by Arlee artist Taäg Peterson.

09 September 2012

Summer Evening in Caras Park, Missoula, Montana

Evening weather this time of year in Western Montana is pretty much perfect - barring any intermittent forest fire smoke - and downtown Missoula makes the most of it. Last Friday was a perfect night for the TomCats to rock the crowd at the 2012 Maverick Brewfest in Caras Park. My sister & I took a big walk along the river path and north Higgins Avenue, enjoying the music and this view on our way back across the bridge.