23 March 2013

Honest Game, Missoula, Montana

Bars are a fascinating venue for people watching, especially those featuring the grittier variety of atmosphere. People don't show up there pretending to be something they are not; you head uptown if that's your game. "I am who I am, this is where I'm at tonight, so cue up or shut up." (Note: This is merely my projection, as I would not venture near the pool table, being the kind of, ummm.... inconsistent shooter who might mar the felt or send the cue ball bouncing off the table. Real players get cranky after the first such incident.)  Honesty can be found in all kinds of places, if you keep your eyes open.

22 March 2013

Nothing But Net, Missoula, Montana

This is my polite nod to the fervent season commonly known as March Madness.
While taking this photo, I fixated on the patterns and failed to notice the tiny slice of rainbow perfectly framed in the hoop.  Seeing it during closer review was so satisfying! Kind of in the way a thin sliver of real New York cheesecake is satisfying. Or that one little bite of someone else's dinner entree that is different from what you ordered. Sometimes you just need a tiny taste to be happy. That's me and March Madness - snippets of conversation gleaned in the lunchroom or from the radio announcer and I'm full on that topic!  Alternately, I've observed that for those who are full-on into March Madness, a little slice will never do - they'd eat the whole pie, and ask for more.

21 March 2013

Centered, Missoula, Montana

I've been compelled to stop and stare into the center of this rose every day since bouquet delivery on Monday.  Very distracting. I literally walk by, return, pause, gaze - forcibly snap out of it, back to work - why was I headed this way? All the other blooms are lovely, but they fade to mere peripheral  blurs.  It's not that it's perfect - you can see the slight blemishes. Rather, something of character mesmerized me - the swirling, unfurling of completeness, at its very apogee.  Gazing into it kind of makes me feel something similar to the banketing peace gained by gazing out at the ocean or a wind-rippling grain field. (Insert happy sigh.)

20 March 2013

After Hours Alley, Downtown Missoula, Montana

Have I mentioned before how I love meandering down (safe) alleys? Alleys provide a whole different perspective on day-to-day life.
Residential alleys, in particular, can be a revealing window into the inhabitants' inner workings. Tidy gardens, or stockpiles of junk, a work of art in progress - you never know what you'll see and if it matches the front yard impression. If you're lucky, a talkative resident will be up for a chat over the fence.
This view shows a shop at rest for the night, with all in readiness for tomorrow's business-as-usual.

19 March 2013

Well-Travelled Penny, Stevensville, Montana

My husband has a knack for finding pennies - on neighborhood strolls, while walking back to the care in the grocery store parking lot - and he always pick it up, sometimes commenting, "Find a penny, pick it up...." (I think that's the Irish in him.) Most of the time, I can't see for looking, so I was delighted to find this wilderness penny.  It travelled a long, and turbulent road over 12 years, from the mint to Western Montana. So I left it soaking up spring sunshine.

18 March 2013

Post-St.Patrick Picture, Butte, Montana

Given the city’s Irish devotion, Butte’s historic M&M Cigar Store sign seemed a fitting follow-up to St.Patrick’s Day.

The M&M was opened in 1890 and, in the tradition of all-night establishments in Butte, its doors have reportedly never been locked.

17 March 2013

Green, Missoula, Montana

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I was going to title the post, "The Wearing of the Green", but found that's actually a pretty serious phrase (more on that if you click the link).
Honour to this day is best served by sharing words of encouragement penned by St. Patrick himself.

The Deer's Cry

I arise to-day:
might of Heaven
brightness of Sun
whiteness of Snow
splendour of Fire
speed of Light
sweiftness of Wind
depth of Sea
stability of Earth
firmness of Rock.

I arise to-day:
Might of God for my piloting
Wisdom of God for my guidance
Eye of God for my foresight
Ear of God for my hearing
Word of God for my utterance
Hand of God for my guardianship
Path of God for my precedence
Shield of God for my protection
Host of God for my salvation
against nares of demons
against allurements of vices
against solicitations of nature
against every person that wishes me ill
far and near
alone and in a crowd.

(This is my favourite  portion of a poem; for full text and background, click here.)