17 March 2013

Green, Missoula, Montana

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I was going to title the post, "The Wearing of the Green", but found that's actually a pretty serious phrase (more on that if you click the link).
Honour to this day is best served by sharing words of encouragement penned by St. Patrick himself.

The Deer's Cry

I arise to-day:
might of Heaven
brightness of Sun
whiteness of Snow
splendour of Fire
speed of Light
sweiftness of Wind
depth of Sea
stability of Earth
firmness of Rock.

I arise to-day:
Might of God for my piloting
Wisdom of God for my guidance
Eye of God for my foresight
Ear of God for my hearing
Word of God for my utterance
Hand of God for my guardianship
Path of God for my precedence
Shield of God for my protection
Host of God for my salvation
against nares of demons
against allurements of vices
against solicitations of nature
against every person that wishes me ill
far and near
alone and in a crowd.

(This is my favourite  portion of a poem; for full text and background, click here.)

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