19 March 2013

Well-Travelled Penny, Stevensville, Montana

My husband has a knack for finding pennies - on neighborhood strolls, while walking back to the care in the grocery store parking lot - and he always pick it up, sometimes commenting, "Find a penny, pick it up...." (I think that's the Irish in him.) Most of the time, I can't see for looking, so I was delighted to find this wilderness penny.  It travelled a long, and turbulent road over 12 years, from the mint to Western Montana. So I left it soaking up spring sunshine.


  1. Amazing shot. I pick up pennies as a reminder that In God We Trust \

  2. I love the full poem included in the blog at this post's text link:
    Find a penny,
    Pick it up,
    All the day,
    You’ll have good luck

    Give it to a faithful friend,
    Then your luck will NEVER end!


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