21 March 2013

Centered, Missoula, Montana

I've been compelled to stop and stare into the center of this rose every day since bouquet delivery on Monday.  Very distracting. I literally walk by, return, pause, gaze - forcibly snap out of it, back to work - why was I headed this way? All the other blooms are lovely, but they fade to mere peripheral  blurs.  It's not that it's perfect - you can see the slight blemishes. Rather, something of character mesmerized me - the swirling, unfurling of completeness, at its very apogee.  Gazing into it kind of makes me feel something similar to the banketing peace gained by gazing out at the ocean or a wind-rippling grain field. (Insert happy sigh.)


  1. : ) Happy Sigh indeed. I can picture you doing an abrupt back step to gaze into the depth's of it's beauty. Is there a fragrance to add to the visual beauty? P

  2. Sadly, these are hothouse roses, so no heady old world fragrance.


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