04 February 2012

Recovering Forest, Hamilton, Montana

Continuing the thought of "snow is good" in relation to summer in the Bitterroot National Forest, here's a broader view along the Blodgett Overlook Trail, well into recovery from the big burn of 2000.  (I will never forget that I couldn't see my neighbor's house across our narrow street, because of the heavy yellowish smoke.)

03 February 2012

West Side Fireweed, Hamilton, Montana

If I ever complain about snow, I remind myself that I'll be thankful for it come late summer forest fire season in Montana. I think this wildflower is actually called fireweed, due to its inclination to quickly pop up in recently burned areas.

02 February 2012

Driftwood In the Calm, Woodside, Montana

As I tromped thru the Woodside Crossing section of the Teller Wildlife Refuge, my welcome companion was the happy memory of taking this hike with my sister last summer. 

31 January 2012

Mirror, Mirror… Hamilton, Montana

Of course, it's well known the Bitterroot Valley is fairest of them all....
Driving home for lunch, the pattern of these mirrors caught my eye; Keystone Antiques had them set to the side while they unloaded a new truckload.

30 January 2012

29 January 2012

Eggs and Cosmology

The asymmetry of time, the arrow that points from past to future, plays an unmistakable role in our everyday lives: it accounts for why we cannot turn an omelet into an egg, why ice cubes never spontaneously unmelt in a glass of water, and why we remember the past but not the future. And the origin of the asymmetry we experience can be traced all the way back to the orderliness of the universe near the big bang. Every time you break an egg, you are doing observational cosmology.

SEAN M. CARROLL, Scientific American, June 2008

(Thanks to K.'s chickens in Corvallis, Montana, for the beautiful eggs!)