23 March 2016

Fresh Grass - Missoula, Montana

"I asked the waiter, 'Is this milk fresh?' He said, 'Lady, three hours ago it was grass.' " - Phyllis Diller (1917-2012)

21 March 2016

Shattered - Missoula, Montana

"It's a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you into hot water. " - Franklin P. Jones (1908-1980)

20 March 2016

Green Grass Under Snow - Missoula, Montana

"The work of the sun is slow,
But as sure as heaven, we know;
  So we'll not forget,
  When the skies are wet,
There's green grass under the snow..."

- from The Green Grass Under The Snow 
by Annie A. Preston 
(published in varied periodicals & poetry collections in the late 1800s and early 1900s)