08 August 2012

Fence In the Storm, Stevensville, Montana

Summer storms are among my favourite nature things - bring on the wind-whipped clouds, sheet lightning, thunder within the five-count. Sadly, our recent storms have not brought as much rain as I'd hoped, meaning I still have to water my lawn. (Sigh. Poor me. I'm sure one of my sisters is playing "My Heart Bleeds For You" on the world's smallest violin.)


  1. wonderful picture (in fact you have a set of pictures with cloudy days near Montana mountains and all of them are great). It almost makes me feel the fresh wind before the storm and the smell of the rain. Reminds me of "The Song of Quoodle" by G.K.Chesterton.
    ("[...]The brilliant smell of water,
    The brave smell of a stone,
    The smell of dew and thunder,
    The old bones buried under,
    Are things in which they blunder
    And err, if left alone[...]")
    bottom line... I like it very much :)

  2. A perfect quote! Thank you for sharing!


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