01 August 2016

Guest Post: Rainbow Promise Morning - Corvallis, Montana

Today's guest blogger is once again Big Sister #3 (I don't think you should ever get too old to appreciate the before-ness of older siblings), who has enjoyed some amazing scenery during her stay. (Hurrah for people who take early morning walks and share their lovely views!)
Rainbows are filled with promise. 
They appear almost magically where sunlight and raindrops intersect, birthing a brilliant swath of color. 
The the scientific explanation is no less amazing (learn more here.)

 "I have placed My rainbow in the clouds as a sign of My promise until the end of time, to you and to all the earth. ." 
- Spoken to Noah and his Family in Genesis 9:13

Grab a hold of the promise of today, for like the rainbow, opportunity is often fleeting.
- Pat Richards

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