22 April 2013

Roadside Creek, Missoula, Montana

With the onset of warm weather - (hah! wishful thinking on my part!) - I’ve decided to try something new with my allotted lunch hour. Realistically, it only takes 15 minutes to warm up my lunch and eat. And if I plan ahead, I can post my blog in 15 minutes or so. The leftover time allows for a nice little walk. And if I head down the side street by our office, 5-7 minutes brings me to a lovely creek that crosses under the road. (You can't tell from this picture, but the creek runs through an industrial business area and there's a road beyond the far end of this view. I had to time the shot for a break in traffic so no vehicles would be visible.)

Thus far on my new routine I’ve learned a few key bits of knowledge: 1) the wind picks up considerably once you round the corner of the building and head west; 2) your head will hurt if you walk in a cold wind without a hat; and 3) it’s good to bring a scarf, even if the sun is shining when you leave home.
As I should know by now, Montana's weather is famous mercurial.

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  1. Great commentary and tips for the adventurous. Gary and I walked around the neighborhood of your office - last summer. Have fun exploring - remember to leave a trail of breadcrumbs!


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