05 June 2014

Superheroes At Every Corner, Missoula, Montana

My friend, Jenny, called and suggested we spend a recent Saturday morning strolling her neighborhood, perusing the literal dozens of yard sales that bloom on a particular weekend in May.
Now, bear in mind that, since being married to the poster boy for “Simplify Your Life”, I haven’t spent a morning yard-saling in about 8 years.
And I kinda loathe idle shopping in most forms. And it would mean forfeiting my precious coffee-in-jammies morning.
But, I love Jenny.
And we would simultaneously be strolling and hanging out together.
So, I did not say, “I’d rather have a tooth pulled.” (Jenny works for a dentist and could follow through on that).
I said, (hem, haw) “For you, I will do this.“
And we did share splendid catch-up conversation, and a fun chat with some spunky seniour ladies.
So friendship yields were high.
And, yes, I bought a few small things, such as a vintage gold chain & a grey pearl costume bracelet - both from the spunky seniour gals!
But this photo is the coolest thing I brought home that morning. 

 Isn’t this what the serious yard-salers hope for?

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