02 January 2015

Leaf Impressions - Hamilton, Montana

"On a sunny day with temperatures at 28 degrees, a leaf lands on the ice. The dark leaf conducts heat, so much so that by day's end, the leaf has worked its way through several inches of ice. Sure, it may be covered again, but as long as the leaf remains in the ice, it will forever conduct heat, creating pockets in the ice."

This illustration is from an article about Bill Bevis, the instigator of Missoula’s outdoor ice rink at Rattlesnake School, underscoring the critical importance for an outdoor rink to have a white base that will reflect, not absorb,the sun's rays. 

Nature informs all variety of science; & what a perfectly timed read for my little leaf photo!

We've had some steady cold ; here's hoping for a good skating day.

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