13 June 2014

Urban Sheep Herd, Missoula, Montana

Thing I Love About Missoula #137 : You truly never know what you’ll see around the next bend.
I’ve heard ("herd" - hah!) that shepherds are contracted to graze their flocks on some public lands because the sheep eat and thrive on noxious weeds. The bucolic scene is delightfully completed by the
large white sheepdog to front left of the cozy caravan aka vardo, whose name depends on any preferred region.)

Love it when nature and nurture work together!


  1. Where were you when you took this photo? Marlys and I are enjoying your photos this morning.

    1. I can just picture you and Marlys chatting in her cozy home - surprising those walls can hold so much combined fiesty-ness. This picture is just over the crest of the hills access from the parking area at the end of Orange Street, Missoula, MT.


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