08 June 2014

Graduate, Missoula, Montana

The day a beloved child graduates - this is when you really start to sound like your parents, saying things your younger self knew were ridiculous and would never would leap over your teeth like a panicked sheep leaping the fence. (You fill in the blanks.)
And so the legacy continues - another generation rolls their eyes at the embarrassing sentimental pap that passes as appropriate graduation day conversation amongst the elders. (But, being the subject of this reminiscence, they secretly revel in the attention.) And sufficiently down the road, they understand their parents as the timeworn forsworn phrases fly from their own mouths.


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    1. Yes, tissue, indeed! I'm still in a mild state of shock that we've passed this family milestone. Down the road, high school grad pales next to larger life circumstances, but this close in time to a mussy-headed 7-year-old who saw no point to a hairbrush, it's delightful and surprising to be around the lovely young lady who is conversant with curling irons.


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