12 July 2013

The Pollinator, Hamilton, Montana

You’ve heard of the Terminator; well, this little guy is the Pollinator. Check out those golden pollen pockets on his legs! (Or is he wearing cargo pants?)

The snapdragons at our little Hamilton house have once again sprung up in all their self-seeding glory. As I watered and dead-headed last week, I caught sight of a couple bees going about their busy-ness.
If you ever see a snapdragon bloom quiver, wait and watch. Chances are, you’ll soon see a bee scoot out backwards, then buzz along to the next flower, wiggle his way in, and carry on the process.

My neighbor recently shared a cute story: her toddler grandson opened the snapdragons to help the bees get out of the flower. Unfortunately, the bee stung him on his tiny finger. But funny enough, the same exact thing happened to his mother when she was that same age!

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