05 July 2012

Nursery Dreams of Flowers, Missoula, Montana

When some people dream of nurseries, they envision soft paint colours and snuggly stuffed animals. But a whole other sub-cultural obsession exists with nurseries of the plant variety - you may resemble that remark, and know of what I speak. The other day, we stopped to buy some essentials at the one-stop chain store in our neighborhood.  Before we even got to the front doors, I was totally waylaid  by mesmerizing row upon row of glorious flowers, herbs, shrubs.... a soft wind carried their siren song : "Only stop to look at us, please...". Oh, the lush promise in a plastic four-pack!
Thanks to my husbands' task-oriented focus, I made it safely through without crashing on the rocks of landscaping love (or is it lust?).

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