11 October 2012

S M R Ducks at Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge, Stevensville, Montana

It's amazing how the words of a well-spoken teacher can stick with you for life, altering your perception of certain situations. I'll never forget an illustration of one of my Bible school teachers, who also happened to be a veterinarian who shared his skinny guy struggle with reducing his cholesterol. He wrote on the board, "M R Ducks. No M R not ducks. S M R Ducks - C M wangs?... "  - this is what runs through my head upon viewing such a beautiful scene of nature.  While I'm hazy on the point he was making, I think it had to do with how you tend to see things, simple or complicated unnecessarily.


  1. Cyndy - I Love how you retain entertaining snippets of information that wonderfully illuminate your photos. Keep it up. P

    1. Randomness - it's a gift! (So, do you remember the name of the vet/teacher?


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