16 November 2012

Whoville Charmers

These particular finger puppets are filed in my brain under category “LOLWD” - Laugh Out Loud With Delight. First of all, because that was my instinctive reaction upon first seeing this photo - followed by breaking into the chorus of the Who-ville song . ("Fahoo fores dahoo dores...". Sadly, I always thought they sang, "Wahoo wahoo...". Amazing how a Q-tip can change your life.)
Secondly, they’re finger puppets, which are right up there on the winsome scale with drawing a demure little cartoon face on your thumb and then wrapping a tissue around it to make your very own Thumbelina.
And thirdly, because spreading delight has to be the aim of an artist who successfully strives to capture such sheer Grinchiness, Maxiness and Cindy-Lou-Who-ness in bits of yarn and twizzle wire.
A big “Thanks!” to Marcy Heffernan for sharing this photo, and also for infusing joy and grace into everything she crafts. I like to think that a robust Montana upbringing contributed to these qualities.
Indulge in Marcy’s varied creations at her Etsy shop

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