05 December 2012

These Boots Were Made For Riding, Missoula, Montana

Last night, before band practice at our friends’ ranch, we walked down the little hill to their mum’s house via a well-worn path, in the dark, through the tall grass and apple trees. Talk about happy throwback to childhood - following the leader through the almost-dark, the clean, just-rained smell clinging to the grass, and a VHS player so we could watch a recently unearthed band video. Coming in the back door, I noticed extra Carhartt insulated coveralls hanging neatly in the closet, and knew there also would be extra boots, scarves, mittens, and hats. This is a commonality in the homes of varied ranching families we’re privileged to know. Besides keeping you warm on the outside, they furnish a warm, fuzzy feeling inside - the kind that comes from knowing you’re always welcome and won’t be left out.
While there's a lot to be said for paring down the contents of your life, this mindset should coexist with the practical complement of having enough to spare. As a dear friend is fond of saying, “Come on over - we can always water down the soup.” 

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