24 February 2013

Rail Graffiti, Missoula, Montana

Graffiti always intrigues me, especially when it's rendered with obvious skill. But the element of emotion seems to be evident, no matter how rudimentary the art. Somehow the compulsion to create and display your art in random pnblic view carries the soul cry forward. While typically graffiti is an inconsiderate act to the folks who have to clean it up, I still enjoy the form and lines when they're in front of me, and wonder about the artist's driving force.


  1. Hello,
    I have been visiting your blog.
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    Paulo Gonçalves

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    1. Paulo, Thank you for visiting! I looked at your site last week and enjoyed so many of your photos! Anything architectural interests me. I love your viewpoints, especially in the "Edifícios religiosos" section. And the Carnival pictures captured such joy and creativity! Thank you for sharing. - Cyndy

  2. kults above sticker pictured is everywhere in town. I had the chance to meet him a year ago in a garage on the northside. very humble and interesting fellow. He also does another sticker as well thats in the same style. please do more posts about graffiti . theress so much awesome work out there that needs recognition

    1. Thanks for the insight on this artist. So much graffiti portrays soul and beauty - I love the art on passing rail cars and I periodically check on the graffiti wall down by the Clark Fork River walk. I'll keep my eyes open for kult's signature.


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