17 May 2013

Mountains Up Into Sky, Missoula, Montana

Once again, my first morning thought was, “Must go to sleep earlier….“. But with only handful of pages left in my book, how could I turn out the light at a decent time? Barbara Richardson’s novel, “Tributary” bleeds rich with the poetry background alluded to in the dust jacket bio. In this quote, she captures exquisitely the awe-inspiring interaction of mountains and sky.
“In Mississippi, stars were fuzzy with distance, a puzzle work for sailors, fine slow-moving guides. Here, they were a palmful of brilliance, cast like dice just overhead. I’d forgotten to even miss them, the sevens and elevens rolling off the rim of the mountain, never bothering to mark out anything, with no use for gods or bears or pots and pans…. “ - Barbara K. Richardson “Tributary”, p. 170.

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